The warranty policy is applied for all projects that MineTicket made, is making, and will make; from custom projects to full projects.
Anything arising from the customer’s changes after MineTicket delivered the finished product will not be covered by the warranty policy.

Warranty period

Depends on the service package customers have registered or negotiated before. Our default Warranty time now is 3 years from the release date.


When we construct a website and deploy it, we ensure all features withinside the agreement will run stable, so if any trouble happens in the Warranty time for the website related to the agreed functions, we will clear it up immediately. After the warranty time, in some cases the website has issues with developed features, we can still warranty it too. In the easiest explanation, Warranty means Free support.

How to use Warranty policy 

During Warranty time, customers' have arisen issues, MineTicket will check whether it was caused by MineTicket's side or not.
With issues verified covered in the warranty's scope, please contact the MineTicket team via email at [email protected] or fill out the Contact Us form, and provide us with information as detail as you can, consisting of errors logs, time, ... in images or short descriptions.

Warranty cases

  • All problems arising during operation due to the design and development by MineTicket.
  • Errors caused by MineTicket's development process even after the warranty period, are still under warranty to fix the errors.
  • Further adjustments within the warranty period, estimated to be completed within a short period of time by MineTicket, can be made free of charge.

Non-warranty cases

Technical issues caused by:

  • Third-party modules, APIs, or CMS base caused by customers' changes (MineTicket will prove that the issue was not caused by the development process)
  • Version evaluation, service provider's support, ...



  • hard drive, hardware, servers' failure


Third side's impact:

  • Adjust, add, or remove functions and features