In a world where seamless travel experiences are paramount and the hospitality industry thrives, Mine Hotel Booking simplifies and streamlines your accommodation needs. Our mission is simple: to provide an accessible, user-friendly solution for travelers and hoteliers alike.

At Mine Hotel Booking, we offer:

  1. Book Room: This function allows users to reserve accommodation for their desired dates.
  2. Manage Room: With this feature, administrators can oversee the details and status of each room within the establishment.
  3. Manage Schedule pricing: Users can adjust pricing according to seasonal demands or specific timeframes, ensuring optimal revenue.
  4. Manage Available room: This function enables administrators to monitor the availability of rooms in real-time, facilitating efficient booking management.
  5. Manage Reserved room: Administrators can view and handle bookings that have been confirmed, ensuring smooth guest experiences.
  6. Manage Order room: This feature facilitates the ordering process for room service or additional amenities requested by guests during their stay.
  7. Manage Assignment calendar: This function allows managers to assign tasks and responsibilities to staff members efficiently, ensuring smooth operations.
  8. Book Food & Drink: Guests can use this feature to make reservations for dining experiences or order room service for food and beverages.
  9. Manage Restaurant menu: Administrators can update and customize the restaurant's menu items, ensuring offerings meet guest preferences and seasonal availability.
  10. Manage Event venue: This feature enables administrators to coordinate and oversee events hosted within the venue, managing bookings and logistics.
  11. Manage News: Administrators can publish and manage news updates relevant to the establishment, keeping guests informed about events, promotions, or important announcements.
  12. Manage Promotions: This function allows administrators to create and manage promotional offers or discounts to attract guests and drive business growth.

With Mine Hotel Booking, your journey starts here, offering convenience, reliability, and unforgettable stays.


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